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Trello power-up settings
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When you use the Placker power-up on your Trello boards, it's possible to customize the information shown on the cards by changing the setting.

To change the elements that are visible in the Trello boards and cards, first click Power-Ups, Settings next to a Placker power-up and Edit Power-up Settings

This will open the settings that are related to that power-up. For example, on the Gantt power-up, you can see buttons that take you straight to the Calendar and Progress settings, but also the Trello card and board settings.

Placker settings

These are options related to the Placker data, for example the mirror rules that run in the background, automatic progress, etc. For detailed information on this, check this article.

Trello board settings

In this area, you can select which buttons will be visible in your Trello menu.

It's recommended to leave enabled only the buttons that will be useful according to your usage. For example, if you use Gantt and Mirror frequently, you can enable them to have quick access from the Trello menu.

Trello card settings

In this area, you can select the buttons that will be visible when you click a card in Trello (such as dependencies and mirror create) and the attributes.

Placker attributes can be set to be not shown, shown always or only shown if there is a value set. For example, a card that has start and end dates will automatically have an effort set, which will therefore be shown only if there are dates set.

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