Power-up troubleshooting - Issues with Trello plugin

Problems with the add-on Placker error? Try these steps.

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In case you face any kind of issue with the Trello power-up, such as error messages or buttons not showing as they should, try the following steps:

In case you don't see any Placker buttons in your power-up, it can mean that you are not allowed to access the board in Placker or the Power-up is not loading correctly.

Clear the browser cookies

Removing the current cookies usually solves the "Placker.com refused to connect" issue. On Chrome for example, you can type Ctrl+Shift+Del, then remove cookies and sign in to Trello again.

Check if reloading Trello works

  • Refresh Trello to see if this solves the issue. (Ctrl+Shift+R, or Ctrl+F5)

Make sure you can access the board in Placker:

  • Go to https://placker.com/app#/overview and make sure you can see the board in the overview and you can click on it to load it. When it loads correctly in Placker, you should be able to see the Placker buttons in the Power-up as well.

Check your browser

  • Try to access the board in Trello on a different browser to see if the power-up is loading correctly on this browser.

  • Try without the incognito mode.

  • Clear your browser cache

Disable and enable the power-up

  • Remove the power-up from the board, and then add the power-up again, this should reset the overall settings.

Ensure Placker is allowed to store cookies in your browser

If none of these steps work:

Please reach out to us in the chat so we can help you with this. To troubleshoot your issue we will need an overview of the errors that are generated in your browser, please take the following steps:

  • Open the development console in your browser (CTRL-SHIFT-I in chrome)

  • Refresh Trello (Ctrl+Shift+R, or Ctrl+F5)

  • Check for errors (in red) in the console tab, make a screenshot of these errors, as in the recording below:

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