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Attribute picker: Placker track widget
Attribute picker: Placker track widget

Use this widget to select specific information to be shown on trackers, for example filtering by member or label.

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The attribute picker is used to select a specified attribute and filter the board so it only shows cards that match this criteria. This is especially useful if you have a set of different widgets and would like to display.

To learn how to add and manage a new widget, access:

For example, a track view may contain other widgets that reveal information about the whole board. In case a manager wishes to see this information specifically for the cards that are assigned to a member.

In this case, it is possible to add an attribute picker with the following settings, which will disregard cards that don’t meet this criteria in the other widgets.

You can see that only cards assigned to Sara are shown, as this was the value selected. The reason why there is also 1 card with Sam in the tracker on the right is that there is a card assigned to both Sara and Sam - thus, meeting the filter restriction.

Show previous / next 

The “Show previous” and “Show next” button will automatically change the selection to the next value in the list, making it faster to navigate through the attribute options.

Auto rotate value options

Rotating the attribute filter will change the selected value, like previous and next button, but automatically in this case. For example, every 30 seconds the value will change. This is good for analyzing different attributes without having to click the attribute filter.

Create multiple filters

You can use more than one attribute picker to have different filters. For example, showing only the cards assigned to a member that end this week.

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