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Text: Placker track widget
Text: Placker track widget

Use a text widget to type your own text or see the custom attributes related to cards.

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The text widget can be used to present text information defined by the user or pull custom attributes values from the board cards.

When adding the text widget, you need to add a title, text (if it’s a custom text) or select an attribute value.

The text widget uses the Markdown language to format text.

Please check this article on Github on how to use and master markdown:

Custom text

You can type the text using markdown syntax to add headers and formatting options. To learn more about this language, access:

Custom attribute

In addition to typing the text, if you enable the “Show listed attribute values” option and select the custom attribute to show. In this example, there is a widget title, a custom text and the “Mitigation action” custom attribute enabled.

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