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Board flow: Placker track widget
Board flow: Placker track widget

Use this widget to see how long cards stayed in a specific list or progress, for example number of days in average on "To do" list.

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The board flow is a graphical representation of the sequence in which the cards are moved along the lists.

Type of Board Flow

Sankey diagram: shows the flow of cards between a list to the other. In the example below, it is visible that all the cards created were in the “Backlog” list. Most of them were moved to “To do”, though some of them were deleted/archived from the “Backlog” list.

Cycle time: measures the time between entering and leaving a list. The following example shows that cards have stayed an average of 25 days in the “Later” list.

Lead time: measures the time between entering a list and reaching the target list. In this example, it takes in average 5 days for a card to be moved from “Next” to “Cancelled”

Other options in Board flow

It is possible to toggle whether the calculation will take into account the created/imported card inflow, archived/deleted card outflow, and archived cards in flow.

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