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Learn how to get alerts on new mentions or receive a daily or weekly email with the status of your cards

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To stay on top of things even with a lot going on in the cards is essential, and notifications can help with that.

Placker can send you emails containing information. These are some of the options:

  • Mentions of your name in comments

  • A summary of latest mentions

  • A daily or weekly report with a board summary


Whenever someone mentions you in a card, you can get an alert from Placker and an email with a link to quickly access the card and take action.

This way, you don't have to constantly check your pending cards and see if there are updates.

This can be done by clicking your profile picture at the top right corner, then "Your profile". You can then enable notifications.

If you are getting too many notifications and prefer to receive batches with a summary of notifications, using Email notifications grouped might be a good idea.

In that same page, you can scroll to select exactly which preferences and updates on the cards you would like to receive, to make the notifications as efficient as possible.

Board reports

Having email reports coming to your inbox every morning is a great way to start your day knowing the status of the work of your team.

This is a quick step-by-step to set up your email reports:

  1. Click the title of your board to open board settings

  2. On "Reports" tab, schedule the time and date to receive your reports

  3. The overdue report will show you the cards that have a due date today or in the past and weren't marked as complete yet

  4. The progress report will provide you an overview of cards overdue, due today, in progress, open and completed

  5. You can unsubscribe from these e-mails at any time

Overdue report example

This is how the overdue report looks. You will see every card that has a due date in the past. That is, it should have been completed, but it's not:

Progress report example

This is how the progress report looks. You will see cards by their status:

Email reports not being sent issue

If you didn't receive the email report in the correct time, please check if there could be no updates to be informed in the boards.

For example, if there are no cards in progress/overdue/due soon, the progress report will not be sent.

Questions, issues and feedback

If the steps above weren't clear or if you followed them and couldn't get anything done, please reach out to us using the chat button at the lower right corner of this page.

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