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How to set attributes to all cards in a list automatically
How to set attributes to all cards in a list automatically
How can I update cards attributes when moving between lists
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You can set default card attributes on list level to automatically update cards that are created or moved to the list. 

For example, you can automatically update the card progress status when you move cards to completed or to set the traffic light to "red" when the card moves to the blocked list, indicating that there are problems in this card.

Setting progress status by list

To mark cards as open, started, completed, etc., when it enters a list, you can click a list title and select the corresponding status in the dropdown list.

It's also possible to map status by list it details using the method described in this article.

Setting other default attributes by list

To automatically assign a priority, traffic light, type, progress (%) or milestone for every card that enters a list, you can click on the list title to open the list details in the right hand side.

There you can click on "Add card attribute" to add a default card attribute. Afterwards, Placker will add update for example traffic light to red when a card moves to the blocked list.

Setting custom text attributes by list

You can also add a mapping to update the blocker description, which is a custom attribute to 'Card is blocked'. Now when cards are moved to this list, like 'New card', these attributes are set automatically.

Update current cards in list

Setting the list attribute won't change all the existing cards in the list by default, unless you click on 'update cards' in the default card attributes section of the lists, all of the cards that are currently in the list will be updated based on the default attributes.

Revert list to default

If you wish to stop changing status and other attributes when cards enter the list, you can click its title and set the card status do "No update" and click the three dots next to an attribute to delete the setting.

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