Opening Placker in Trello or in a separate tab
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Placker is great for managing tasks, tracking progress, and visualizing your work in different ways. This can be achieved within Trello, with the addition of a Power-Up, or in a separate tab.

This article explains how to change this behavior and how to troubleshoot issues with authentication. If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to use Placker, check this article instead.

Open Placker in Trello

When you integrate Placker with your Trello board, you can access it in an iframe when you click the Power-Up buttons. That is, the web app is embedded in a window in Trello.

Open Placker in a separate tab

When you use Placker to view your rules, schedules or reports, it's usually a good idea to open it in a full tab on your browser rather than a portion of the screen incorporated in the Trello board.

One way to do this is to click the icon at the top left corner when you open the Trello iframe. Or you can also sign in to using your browser.

Changing how to view Placker

You can select which of the two ways described above work better for you by clicking on the gear icon in the modal or clicking on power-up settings in the power-up.

If you run into any errors, please refer to this article for troubleshooting on the most frequent issues or send us a message in the chat at

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