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Stacked Line and Stacked Bar Widgets
Stacked Line and Stacked Bar Widgets
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In the Report view, users can add Stacked Line and Stacked Bar Widgets to visualize data concisely, given that they show different sets of data combined in the same graph.

Since this article is focused on the specific aspects of these two widgets, please refer to this article for basic instructions on how to create or edit a widget:

And we also have articles about the Bar Chart and the Line Chart widgets, which are the simplified version, since they only show one category at a time.

Stacked Line Widgets

The Stacked Line Widgets display two different attributes as categories and a unit of measure.

For example, below you can see a chart where there are multiple lines (one for each member of the project) and they are spread through a timeline where each column is a month. The value is set to be the effort, since cards may have different hours worked.

Stacked Bar Widgets

Instead of lines, the Stacked Bar Widgets displays vertical columns showing the total of cards (or a different unit of measure).

The example below shows how many cards are assigned to each member in each month. Hovering the mouse over one of the columns will show the exact number of cards, and clicking it will open a table showing what are these cards.

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