Link, revoke and move Trello accounts

How do I move my Trello account

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Placker and Trello can be synced in real-time. For this to work, the Placker and Atlassian accounts need to be connected. This article will explain how to do this.

Sign up with Trello

The easiest way to get your Trello boards available in Placker right from the start is to sign up with Trello and enter you Atlassian credentials.

Sign up another way and then link a Trello account

If you signed in with your email, Google or Microsoft, you can still have your Trello boards linked. To do this, access your profile and connect Trello, as in the recording below.

Unlink Trello

If you no longer wish to have Trello connected to Placker, you can access the profile settings in Trello and revoke Placker access.

Error message when linking a Trello account

When you receive this message there could be a number of reasons behind it:

  1. You are trying to move your Trello account to a different Placker account.

  2. You are still logged in with a different Trello account, and try to log in with another one.

  3. You just signed up as a new user while you are already a user.

Move your Trello account

You can only be connected to Trello with one Placker account at the same time. When you want to move your Trello account, you will first allow it to move.

If you wish to use your Trello account with a different Placker account, send us a message and we will check this for you.

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