When you receive this message there could be a number of reasons behind it:

  1. You are trying to move your Trello account to a different Placker account.

  2. You are still logged in with a different Trello account, and try to log in with another one.

  3. You just signed up as a new user while you are already a user.

Keep using Placker on your 'old' account:

When you are already a Placker user and you want to keep using your old account, you should:

  1. log out to Placker

  2. Then log in to Placker again with Trello, to access your old account.

Move your Trello account

You can only be connected to Trello with one Placker account at the same time. When you want to move your Trello account, you will first allow it to move.

Take the following steps to allow your Trello account to be moved:

  1. log out from Placker

  2. Then log in to Placker with Trello

  3. Then go to your profile and allow this Trello account to be moved

  4. Then log out from Placker on this account

Then link your Trello account to the new Placker account:

  1. Log in to Placker with your new Placker account

  2. And connect Trello with this account, from your profile

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