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How can I increase the performance and make Placker faster?
How can I increase the performance and make Placker faster?

If Placker is slow or crashing, can I improve the loading speed?

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In case it takes long to load Placker or perform actions, please try the following steps:

  • Update your browser to newest version

  • Check if disabling third party extensions helps. Incognito mode has disabled all extensions by default.

  • Reduce the number of cards, checklist items and attributes (when there are hundreds of items, it could take longer to load everything) by archiving or filtering them

  • On the Gantt chart, reduce the time scale (resulting in more narrow columns in the Gantt) and disable advanced options in the menu

If none of this helps, test in other browsers or computers to see if it's a general Placker issue or something specific on your device and other open applications on it

When it's in your browser only, take screenshot with the browser console open, so we will be able to see throwed errors, as slowing down in most cases are caused by them (CTRL-SHIFT-I in chrome, then click "console" tab) as in the screen record below, and send it to us in the chat:

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