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Date Tracker and Date Picker widgets

Filter you track view and view week, month and date reports

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Placker provides two different widgets that will categorize the card by date (Date Tracker) and show you information about the work that is happening in a specific range of dates (Date Picker).

The Date Tracker shows how many cards you have in each week based on the planned end date by default. You can also show the cards by month, quarter or year and use different dates, like cards created or cards planned to start in the time period.

And these are the edit details for the example above:

The Date Picker allows you to select an option from the dropdown menu, which by default is a week, and will automatically create a filter based on your selection.

In this example, we have a Tracker under a Date picker, showing before and after the filter is applied.



And these are the edit options for the example above:

When you edit the details of the widget, you can also change the date attribute to show the trackers based on other dates, like planned and actual start dates or create dates, instead of the end date (due date).

The time period can also be changed to days, weeks, month or quarter.

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