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How to set or update a baseline/snapshot
How to set or update a baseline/snapshot

How can I compare my current/actual plan with my original plan?

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Project management starts with knowing and tracking your progress, getting your tasks and projects completed and helps you to understand and communicate the status of work for you, your team and your stakeholders. If you want to compare planning in time the Gantt planning with a baseline gives you a clear overview. ย 

What is a baseline?

The baseline is a snapshot of your planning at a certain moment in time. For example you set a baseline at the beginning of your project and later in time you can compare your initial plan with your current plan. After your project is started you might have to adjust the timelines of tasks, (due to any unforeseen circumstance). Placker can show the current plan and show also any previous plans.

How to use a baseline?

When you start planning your project you set the start (planned) and end dates for each card. Then, while you are working on your cards, the planned dates might be updated by you or your team. When you want to capture a planning state, you can create a baseline in Placker before this happens.

A good practice is to create a baseline at the start of your project. Then you can always compare the current planning/execution against the original plan. You can also create baselines after each big revision of the plan.

How to create a baseline in Placker?

If you start with using baselines in Placker you go the your Gantt planning and then you go to Check plan and Check baseline.

A panel on the right will give you the option to create a new baseline. Then you give your baseline a title and save it on the right Gantt chart.

How to manage a baseline in Placker?

View a baseline in the Gantt

If you want to compare the saved baseline with the current plan you open one of the saved baselines. In your current planning the baseline start date and end date will be shown in grey. In this view you can easily see the difference between the original plan and the current plan. In the Check baseline panel on the right you can also hide the baseline and find other quick options.

Update a baseline

If you want to update the baseline, for example if a project has been on hold you can create a new baseline or you change the initial baseline. You can save multiple baselines in order to compare your planning in the different moments in time.

Delete baseline

If one of the baselines is not used you can easily delete the baseline in the check baseline panel.

Restore baseline

You can restore a baseline in the check baseline panel.

More information on Gantt charts

If you want to learn other Gantt-related features, check out the Gantt section in our help center or ask us using the chat button.

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