Gantt is one of the view modes available on Placker, and the most used format of showing the schedule of a project.
It is named after its inventor Henry Gantt, who designed it in the beginning of the twentieth century to manage the time of projects.
In the Gantt view, you are able to see a list of tasks on the vertical axis and their duration on the horizontal axis - from start to finish date.
Advanced Gantt charts may also include dependencies between tasks, progress and different color for critical path tasks, like the following:

The dates of the Gantt chart above were created automatically using the planned dates of each card.
The Gantt chart can be customized by clicking Set layout, order, color, and zoom. The following Gantt chart is from the same project as shown before, but with a List by member layout and Week zoom.

With a Gantt chart, you will be able to view the project's end date and answer questions such as "which are the tasks that will be done today?".
You may also create custom filters and combine the Gantt of many projects the same way you would do on Board view.
After making all the changes, you can export to PDF and other formats.

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