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Show the critical path in the Gantt chart
Show the critical path in the Gantt chart

How can I show the critical path in the Gantt chart in a Trello board

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What can I do with Placker

Placker helps you view your tasks in a timeline with advanced tools, like combining multiple boards, customized layouts and critical path calculations.

If you have a board with cards, you can add dates and dependencies, enable the critical path and Placker will do the rest. To learn more about Placker, visit this page or talk to us in the messenger.

How to enable the Critical Path

To enable the critical path, click Visibility in the Gantt menu and enable Show critical path.

How the critical path works

The critical path in the Gantt chart is the sequence of tasks that could delay the project end date when any of the tasks get delayed.

For example, in the recording below, Task B is not critical and can delay one day without affecting the project end date, while delaying Task C means that your project will end later. This is because task D depends on both of them.

This implies that, if you were the manager of this project, you would probable keep a closer eye to prevent unexpected delays on Task C, because it's critical and has no margin.

When this option is enabled, your cards are constantly checked, which can impact the performance of the Gantt chart.

When you set the minimum duration of a dependency, this duration is taken into account while calculating the critical path.

Here is a video with an more in-depth explanation of the method

Critical path example

For this example, we use a simple Gantt on how to clean a car in 8 steps, one list for the interior, one list for the exterior.

We have created dependencies between the different steps for the interior and the exterior. This indicates that one steps should be finished for the other step to start.

The critical path is highlighted in Red, in this stage the steps to clean the exterior are on the critical path (please read more below on how the critical path works). So if the interior takes a bit longer, it won't affect the time to get the car clean.
Note: For the sake of this example, we don't have any dependencies between cleaning the interior and exterior. (although in reality you will do one after the other).

More information on Gantt charts

If you want to learn other Gantt-related features, check out the Gantt section in our help center or ask us using the chat button.

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