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How to use resource plan in Trello using Placker
How to use resource plan in Trello using Placker

How to know how many hours each member is working each day in your Gantt chart

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The resource plan in Placker will show you for each working day, how many hours each member is working.

This is defined by the number of hours of each card, which by default is 8 hours a day. However, a single member could be assigned to 2 cards simultaneously. In this case, the total of working hours would be 16.

This is an important insight to the manager, who can make decisions based on these findings. For example, assigning this card to somebody else, waiting for one card to finish before the other can start, or even keep the resource plan that way but aware of the risks.

The settings described in this article can be found clicking Resource Planner Settings in the Gantt view, as shown in this screenshot:

Show or hide the resource planner

Enable resource plan by setting the Show Resource Planner toggle on.

Group resource role by role or show checklist items

Instead of having a full list of members in alphabetical order, you can group members by their roles, which allows you to show the members in the same group and understand how a team is managing their workload. You can set this up in the following way:

1. Fill in the role names in the board settings, in the Members area, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

2. Then enable Group by: Resource role/team name.

If you wish to see the number of hours worked in all the checklist items with the same title, instead of the members, you can also select this from this area.

This option is often used when items are used to plan processes. For example, cards are production orders, and each of them has an item called "Shipping". You can use the checklist item plan settings to see what are the dates in which shipping is happening, regardless of the members. This article provides more details on this use case.

Show effort allocation from items

By default only the planned effort is only shown for cards. Enable 'Cards + Checklist items' to also view the allocated effort for the planned (and assigned) checklist items.

Showing hours per day or number of cards

By default, the resource planner is going to show the number of hours worked by day, which by default is 8 per day for each card.

If you prefer to see how many cards are assigned to each member in a specific day, you can enable Show capacity: Count of tasks.

Show or hide checklist items

The visibility option enables showing the cards and checklist items that each member has assigned or show only checklist items without the cards.

More information on Gantt charts

If you want to learn other Gantt-related features, check out the Gantt section in our help center or ask us using the chat button.

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