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Dashboard filters and settings
Dashboard filters and settings

See how to use filters or set start and end dates for a Track view

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Selecting which cards will be shown on a graph is fundamental to have a reliable analysis.

In this example we have a burndown widget without filters. That means all the cards are included in this burndown chart for now. Notice that there are 11 cards in scope.

Suppose we need to see only cards assigned to "Sam" and show the part of the chart that ranges from the last 7 days do the next 7 days - instead of the default last 30 days to next 30 days.

This can be done through dashboard filters and dashboard settings separately, which provide different results. Let's see how each of them works.

Dashboard filters

If we select to view only cards that are assigned to the member Sam, and not all the cards, there will be less than 11 cards. To do this, click "Filter & Settings", and in "Attributes to show" select "Sam".

Notice that now there are only 5 cards in scope. The other 6 cards are assigned to other members.

Dashboard settings

The previous burndown chart is shown from 30 days before (May 19th) to 30 days after (July 19th) the current date.

To set the date range of the parts of the graph that will be shown - and only the graph range, this is not a filter - set the date range to show -7 and +7 days. You will see that the graph area is narrowed to Jun 11th to Jun 26th in this example.

Difference between dashboard filter and dashboard settings

In the ± 7 days example, the graph area changed, even though the number of cards in scope was still 5.

A similar result could be achieved using date range filters - but notice that it's not the same: by filtering cards that have due dates on Jun 11th and Jun 26th, the graph is still shown in a ± 30 days range, but cards that don't have due dates in ± 7 days are not counted in the scope. So there are 5 cards in scope, not 11 as if there was not a filter applied.

Changing page instead of the whole Track view

If you change the dashboard settings or filter, this will affect your whole Track view, even if it has many pages. To set a different filter or setting for a specific page, click "View page" before making these changes.

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