Note: This feature has been released for user tests and can be a bit rough, please understand this and let us know when you encounter any issue or when you have ideas for improvement.

Placker can now automatically track the time your cards are in progress and adds this time to the actual effort value of your cards.  This article describes how this works and how you can set this up.

How does this work?

Placker already tracks the progress of your cards based on the status attribute, this attribute indicates if a card is open, in progress, on hold or completed. 

Time tracking now automatically calculates the time spent in the started state and adds that time to the actual effort of the card. This way you can automatically track the time spent on the card.

List based progress tracking

We'll have a look at how time tracking works on this example board, this is a typical scrum board where cards move from the open lists to the completed lists. Each list corresponds to a progress state meaning the open list is linked to the open state, started to started etc.

You see that as the card moves from one list to the other, the status attribute gets updated as well. The actual start date is logged when the card enters the started state, the actual end date is logged when the card reaches the completed state.

Time Tracking

When enabled, Placker will calculate the time the card spent in the started state and adds that time to the actual duration of the card. 

In the screen recording below, you can see that the actual effort of these cards get updated when the card move to either the paused or the completed state.

For cards that have been in the started state for longer than a day, the workday settings on the board will be used to calculate the actual effort.

How to enable time tracking

You can enable time tracking on board level by opening the board pop-up and enabling the following settings in the planning tab:

  • Track actual effort from the status in the Effort/Duration settings needs to be enabled to make this work.

  • Board time zone needs to be selected in the Auto update settings

The following settings will influence how the actual effort is calculated:

  • Workday settings determine which days are calculated as workdays when the effort is calculated.

  • Workhour settings determine the number of hours in a full day.

Whats next?

Tell us what you want! There is a lot planned to extend this further, we will be making individual time entries visible, add separate timers and allow you to create more extensive reports based on estimate effort and actual effort spent.

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