When managing the assignment of resources to cards, it may happen that they work above or below their usual work hours.

FTE concept

The full-time equivalent (FTE) metric is a member's scheduled hours divided by the employer's hours for a full-time work.

For example, if a card takes 8 hours of effort, and the member is working 8 hours per day, FTE is 1.0.

If the member works half a day on that card, so 4 hours, it would be 0.5, or 50%. Whereas if the member is working twice its working hours, or there are two people working 8 hours a day each, FTE could be 2.

Effort, duration and FTE

Editing FTE might also impact duration. For example, if a card requires 16 hours of work to be completed, with 1.0 FTE it would be finished in 2 days.

In that same case, if it's a very urgent task and you decide to assign 2.0 FTE, it can be finished in 1 day.

So we can say that Duration = Effort / FTE

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