This month we added baselines and effort checks to the Gantt chart, updated the import/export to generate and read excel files and added a % complete widget to the trackers.

We also picked up a number of backlog items, this is what was changed:

Improved Gantt chart:

  • You can now baseline the Gantt chart, compare your current planning against the saved baseline and restore the baseline values.
  • Introduced 'effort ratio' from the 'plan check' menu that gives you insight in the ratio between the effort that is still required and the effort that is available.
  • In the Gantt, the critical path setting needs to be set manually as it makes the gantt slow and is often only used for a short time.
  • Default setting for list order is now set to the board order, you can reverse the list order from gantt sub-menu ('set order').

Improved export:

  • Export boards can now generate an excel file from the overview.
  • Export can now export all card attributes
  • Export can export date and number values in different formats to support multiple locales.

Improved import:

  • Import boards can now read excel files to be imported
  • Import boards can automatically load an MS Project exported excel file.
  • Import can now import card dependencies
  • Import can now import checklists and items also

Improved navigation:

  • Right-hand panel can now be opened and closed when clicking on an item on the main page.
  • Right-hand panel now has a button on the top of the panel to close the panel.
  • Right-hand panel auto-close is removed, this turned out to be too confusing.
  • Selecting boards and bookmarks to load from the 'Select boards' button in the top left corner is improved. We added a clear 'Select bookmarks' / 'Select boards' button to switch between boards and bookmarks.

Other updates:

  • You can now copy a board with one click from the overview page (
  • Added notification for unsaved changed on the card-overview page, you will now get a reminder to save or discard changes.
  • You can now delete either the mirrored link or delete the link and the mirrored card from the mirror settings.
  • Comments are now also shown to view-only users. 
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