The last two weeks the updates are focused on the usability of the app. Next to this, the ability to track archived cards and actual values will allow us to create more valuable trackers and reports moving forward.

Gantt chart improvements:

  • Introduced more ways to color the cards, added by status and by the due date.
  • Improved the menu structure to make the options more clear
  • Improved date drop-down by replacing it with 'show actuals' to show the actuals next to the planned dates.
  • Moved the 'today' button from a drop-down menu to a button on the Gantt.
  • Improved default settings for the Gantt scale to show the monthly view.
  • Improved rendering of cards that do not yet have planned dates while they are already started, in these cases the actual dates are used as indicative dates.

Orderable members, labels, and milestones

  • You can change the order of the members, labels, and milestones from the board detail pop-up. (click on the board title to view the pop-up)
  • The order is used to generate the order on; the Gantt chart, the board layout, and the detail panel drop down. (it will be added to the trackers soon).

Track plan and actual values by day or by hour

  • Added actual effort, story points and duration as attributes to the card, you can now set and track these attributes separately.
  • List track attributes now also allow you to set actual values, similar to the scrum for Trello notation in the title. The value between parenthesis sets the plan value, the value between brackets sets the actual value.
  • Effort and duration can be set by the hour or by the day, the calendar will update the end date accordingly.
  • You can now set day/hour settings by an organisation, these settings will be copied to the board so you don't need to set them for each of your boards.

Archive lists and cards

  • Added the ability to archive cards and lists, in line with how Trello does this. Card/list archived is kept synchronized between Trello and Placker as well.
  • Archive card/list is available from the card/list detail panel when you click on the menu.
  • For lists, added the option to archive or delete all cards in the list in addition to archive/delete the full list.

View archived cards in Tracker

  • You can view you archived lists and cards in the tracker, click on show settings, then enable 'show archived cards' to view these cards.
    : this function is currently being tested and will be extended in the Tracker as well as be made available for the Gantt and board view.

Other / Issues fixed

  • Move lists between boards will now always trigger the option to copy the list as well.
  • Fixed and issue where the plan dates got updated for cards that were in progress without plan dates.
  • Fixed an issue where the cancel date was not set for cards that were marked as completed and set to cancel status during the import process.
  • Organisation header could become not fully visible in some cases.
  • Board overview, the tab 'extra attributes' is now renamed to 'attributes' .
  • Typo: 1 boards loaded is now 1 board loaded.
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