We made a number of changes to improve Placker, find out what was in this release 

Gantt updates

  • Improved 'More settings' panel - It is now a lot easier to find the right setting.
  • Plan checklist items like cards - You can now click on a checklist item to plan it. 
  • Consistent workday/hour and calendar settings -  You can now plan boards with different settings on the same Gantt.
  • Board title as column attribute - You can now show the board title as a column.
  • Smart updates - added auto-update for delayed cards.

Board updates

  • Copy lists - You can now create a template list (with dependencies) and copy the list including all attributes and dependencies.

Generic updates

  • Copy the board or bookmark URL - Get the right URL to share in one click.
  • Fixed issue when deleting dashboards - All dashboards can be deleted again.
  • Fixed issue in the Gantt chart where Gantt would not refresh after the board/list title where changed.
  • Fixed issue in the Gantt chart where the attribute columns would flip on reload.
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