Ever wondered how your cards flow through your board? Or how long it takes to progress cards between lists? 

Gantt - More to move

If cards are grouped by board, list, member etc, you can now move the full group by dragging the group. 

And we tweaked some settings to improve the overall performance.

Track - Board flow widgets

We are logging your card movements already since december in the back end, now you can visualize your card movement in three new widgets:

  1. Sankey diagram - This will show you the board flow of how the cards move from list to list.
  2. List cycle time - This will show you the median list cycle time of each list (how long cards stay on a list).
  3. List lead time - You can select a target list and it will show you the median lead time needed to go from each list to the target list.

The board flow widgets are available from the default dashboard by selecting the page.

And more:

  • The UI has been updated to improve the look and feel of the left and right panels.
  • Updating the progress when progress is tracked by label will now also add/remove the right label.
  • And a number of bug fixes (let me know if you see something strange)
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