We used this week to fix issues and smooth the user experience. The two important fixes are the ability to lock cards to the Gantt chart and the changes we made to the role model to ensure the full team can create/edit/delete bookmarks and dashboards. 

Cards can be locked to the Gantt

Since the introduction of auto-scheduling users asked us to introduce a way skip auto scheduling on specific cards. You can now lock your cards to the Gantt. 

Enabling  'Do not auto schedule' on a card will now lock the card to the Gantt.

Role model is less strikt

Previously you needed to be a board lead to create a bookmark or dashboard. This turned out to be to restrictive and was therefore removed. Now any board member can add a bookmark or a dashboard to a board.

Dependencies are now copied

Whether you copy a card from a template or a full board, now dependencies are properly copied together with all the other attributes.

Other issues / changes:

  • The 24hr zoom level in the gantt chart has been renamed to work hour zoom level and will show you only your work hours.
  • The today line in the gantt chart is aligned to the right time of day based on work hours.
  • The list/card color icon when color is set is changed to a clear icon to make it clear there is no color set.
  • Collapsing a card description is fixed, you can now expand/collapse the card description like the other type of descriptions.
  • We updated the styling of the primary button to stand out in the pop-overs in order to make it clearer what the next action is for users.
  • When creating or updating bookmarks, now first any pending settings will be saved before creating or updating the bookmark.
  • Gantt columns now also include duration, assigned members have been skipped (for now).
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