Last week's updates allow you to share (or bookmark) any screen from the URL, snap task to a day in the Gantt chart, use Initials and more, find the full overview below.


  • The URL will get updated based on the loaded view, this allows you to make bookmarks of the URL in your browser or easily share Placker links.
  • User initials are now shown instead of the default avatar when avatars are not sets, this makes it much easier to know the card assignment in these cases.
  • Allow logo's and avatars to be cleared.


  • Added snap to scale feature to snap cards to the scale by default, the setting of this feature can be changed in the settings menu.
  • Correctly set end-date when a card is planned for the full day before the end date could incorrectly be set to the start of the next day rather than the end of the previous day.
  • Auto-extending of cards and milestones when child cards are being updated. This setting can be overridden by the setting on the card. ('Gantt can update dates')
  • Sort by the end or start date will now take the plan start date when available, or otherwise the actual start date.


  • Fixed an issue where milestones could not show up correctly on the board after copying a board.
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