This month focus is on streamlining the current features as well as improving and automating the backend processes.

The following items have changed in the last week:

  • Added a billing user role to the organisation, billing users can add a subscription but are not counted as an active user. Now you can add your billing department to the organisation, so they can handle the payments and invoices directly in Placker.
  • Milestones have more attributes, you can now also set the status and actual start and end dates. This allows you to compare planned vs actual timelines for milestones as well.
  • Gantt work hours can now also be set to 1 hour, which works great when you want to enter your effort by work days. When you set work hours to 1, 1 effort equals 1 day.
  • When you assign members to checklist items, now the member is also automatically assigned to the card.
  • Improved the board loader to skip the pop-up. Instead, the board loader indicator is visible when boards are loading.
  • Backend cleanup processes have been automated.
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