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Capacity management in Placker
Capacity management in Placker

How to measure and balance the workload and prevent overallocations

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Placker offers many templates designed to demonstrate best practices in using it to improve the workflows and optimize team performance, making projects more efficient. These customizable templates ensure smooth workflows and productivity within teams, which can be adjusted to fit individual needs and project requirements.

The Capacity management category provides an overview of the team's capacity and how it is allocated across different tasks. The Resource Planner by Status allows managers to track the progress of different tasks and identify any bottlenecks or delays. The Tasks by Member and Status tool gives a breakdown of tasks assigned to each team member, allowing for a balanced distribution of work and preventing any one member from being overloaded with tasks.

The next paragraphs show some of the templates available.

How to create a view from a template

When adding a new view, you can either start from scratch or select an existing template, which is what this article is all about. For details on how to do this, check this article.

Capacity Planning Report View

This report has been created with the purpose of providing a detailed analysis of how resources are allocated on a specific project. It is an expanded version of the section that was previously included in the showcase report.

It will delve into each aspect of the project, examining how resources have been distributed and utilized, and whether this allocation is coherent considering the workload required and task dates. This comprehensive document will provide insights that can guide future decisions on resource distribution and project management, including:

  • The number of hours or days still needed to complete the cards

  • This same effort distributes at a timeline

  • The relation between the workload required per member in a given period and the member’s capacity, to spot overallocations

  • The capacity required by number of resourced to accommodate work for each period.

Resource planner by status

This is a Gantt chart organized by the current status of each task rather than default lists, also showing a resource planner with each task assigned to a specific member who is part of a group.

Each card represents a distinct task, with the hours required to complete each task clearly visible. This layout facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the workload distribution and the progress of each task, thereby enhancing project management efficiency.

Tasks by member and status

This template allows managers to carefully observe the tasks cards that have been allocated to each member of the team since they are split. It's important to have a comprehensive understanding of what each individual is responsible for. After this, you can analyze the progress they're making in their respective tasks by looking at its status.

Use these views and best practices to enhance your capacity management in Placker. Share your thoughts and experiences to help us improve our features.

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