The overview page contains the listing of all your boards, bookmarks and dashboards by organization. It is usually the first page you see when you start working on Placker.

After you select a board, the overview page is 'hidden' behind the home button. Acess the overview page by clicking on the home button, or follow this link.

The screen recording below shows the functionality of the overview page:

  1. The page is split by organization.
  2. Each organization has the listed boards, bookmarks, and dashboards.
  3. You can start boards, bookmarks, and dashboards to make them appear on top.
  4. You can search for boards, bookmarks, and dashboards by using the search bar.
  5. Click on a board, bookmark or dashboard to go to the detail view

Then when you are in the detail view, you can click on the home icon in the top left, to go back to the overview.

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