With the recent addition of the Start field by Trello, we have launched a simple and free power-up to help Trello users see the duration and time left for each card.

Notice that we also have the Projects by Placker power-up, which is not free, but also shows durations and provides many other tools. This means that if you already has access to Projects by Placker, there is no need to add Card Duration.

How to add the power-up

In Trello, click "Show menu", at the top right corner, then "Add power-up".

Next, find "Card Duration by Placker" using the search, then click "Add"

Check if there are other permissions required to be accepted. Then, you should automatically see durations and time left values in front of the cards.

Clicking a card will also show these values by default.

If you wish to change the information visible in the card or other settings, click "Show menu", then "Edit power-up settings". You can customize:

  • If duration and time left will be shown at card front and/or back;

  • Date format;

  • Working hour settings (at what time a day starts and how many hours);

  • Working days (what week days are considered working days).

Need more information in your boards?

If, besides durations, you would like to set also planned and actual dates, view Gantt charts, mirror cards and more, consider trying the Projects by Placker power-up.

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