The paid subscription is available from the subscription page. There are three plans:

  1. Basic, for users that want to use only the Gantt chart and the Board view.

  2. Full, for users that want to use the Gantt chart, Board view and the Dashboards.

  3. Enterprise, for users that want extended features and with whom we collaborate in creating new features.

How is the price of the plan calculated?

The subscriptions are based on the users that are active in Placker. When you have a team of 10 members, and 4 of them are active in Placker, your price is based on 4 active users.

What is an active user?

An active user is a user that logs into Placker to for example access the gantt or view/edit attributes in Trello.

What happens when the number of users increases or decreases?

For monthly subscriptions the users will automatically be added as active members to your subscription, and they will be added to the next invoice. You will receive an email when this happens so you can take timely action.

For annual subscriptions, new users will be added as pending users and need to be activated by the administrator.

What can I do when I want to reduce the number of active users on a subscription?

You can change the role for each member in the subscriptions page, when you update the role type of a member to 'blocked' or 'billing' this member will not be counted as an active member in Placker.

Billing users are users that cannot access the boards in Placker but who can administer the subscription.

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