Our goal at Placker has always been to give your team the best planning and tracking tools to plan, resulting in better productivity. As such, the interface is an important piece of this system.

Placker grew over the years and so did our interface. It resulted in an interface that became too complex and a bit outdated so it was time to change. Over the last year we have been working behind the scenes with many users to bring to understand exactly how you manage your work effectively to create our new UI.

In this update we improved the overview page and our navigation. We will be working on the remaining parts next.

Will I be able to use the bookmarks and dashboards I had before?

Yes! They will still be available, but in a different structure.

One of the biggest improvements of our new design is the ability to create views directly to boards and board groups. Next to this you can easily share them across board (groups) by copying them across. However this does replace the old bookmark and dashboard views.

Any bookmarks and dashboard from the old UI are available at the new overview page

Just click on the bookmark or dashboard to trigger the migration, this will either add the bookmark/view to an existing board (or board group) or create a board group if it is not yet there.

Also, when you use an old link to a bookmark or dashboard, you can either trigger the migration or open the view directly from the page. Be sure to update your urls to use the migrated views though.

The next sections will show how to create a board group and views.

How to enable/disable the new interface

Click More / Your profile / scroll down to find "Use new design", then refresh browser.

Overview page

This is your starting point for using Placker, we want to make it easy for you to jump right into your previous board or find the board that need your attention.

For this we made the following changes:

  • We are now only showing boards and board group (bookmarks and dashboards are now 'views' in your boards/board groups.

  • We introduce a recently viewed section to let you get back to your previous work more quickly.

  • And we refreshed the design to show more relevant boards (by hiding boards you don't use) and make the page more pleasant / fun to work with.

These are the main sections of the overview page:

The new overview page brings an optimized layout that includes:

Top menu

  • Home button to access the overview page

  • Search cards text box where you can find specific cards

  • Notifications icon to see recent mentions and updates

  • Help & info button

  • More button with links to your profile, subscription, product announcements, import/export and reports

Left side menu

  • Shortcuts to navigate through elements in the main area - useful when there are many boards and organizations

  • Create organizations button

Main area

  • Recently viewed boards for quick access

  • Starred boards. To add a board to this area, click the star next to it

  • Board groups. Learn how to create groups in the next section

  • Organizations Note: you can set colors to organizations by clicking "About" at their right

  • Boards within an organization. You can change its picture and details hovering the mouse over a board and clicking the gear icon. The three dots will show additional options.

  • Add board button to create new Placker boards or import from Trello or Spreadsheets

Board groups

Boards are often managed in the context of other boards, for example to combine of of your client boards in one combined master board in Placker. It is now possible to save these boards as board groups so you can quickly jump back to these groups, when you setup the groups in your team, anyone of your team member can use these board groups.

You can still select many boards at the top left area of the screen.

And this is how you create and manage a new board group:

If you have a set of boards that will be accessed many times, you can click "Selected boards" at the top left, load all boards and click "Save as new group".

In the following example, all projects of a team will be saved as a group for portfolio management purposes.

You can also create board groups from the board group section on the overview page directly:


To manage work effectively you need different ways to look at your boards, when you plan the work you might be using a Gantt chart, when you are finishing it you could be using the board view and to report the status you could be using the track view.

Instead of the old bookmarks and dashboards, we now save views specifically in a board or board group, so you can easily switch between these views as you work with Placker. The tabbed approach makes it as simple as keeping multiple tabs of Placker open in the same browser (which is something we have seen many do).

This means that Board, Gantt and Track are still available, but now as customizable views.

To make it simple to get set on a new board, you can simply copy a view from one board to another to make the same view available on your new board. Or you can decide to start from scratch with one of the default Placker views.

The views are available as tabs in the new navigation:

You can now use the "add view" button at the top left corner to select views that are relevant for each scenario. For example, the Board view is great to see a flow of cards in each list, while Gantt helps to understand dates related to each activity.

Now, instead of creating and editing bookmarks, you can create and edit views from Placker and even create your own.

Clicking the down arrow at the right of the selected view will show the star, edit and delete view buttons.

More button is now Actions and Profile

In the previous interface, there was a "MORE" button at the top left with many options.

These options are still available. However, subscription and account related commands are now accessed when you click your profile picture, while the board related ones are under "Actions".

How does that look?

We would love to hear your thoughts on these changes, so we can continue developing it. Please send us a message telling us what you think.

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