By default, the Gantt chart in Placker will highlight the work hours of a day only. By default, the number of work hours is set to 8 hours between 9 AM (9:00) and 5 PM (17:00).

Because we are also planning based on work hours, this also drives the planning process based on estimates. When a card has an estimated effort of 8 hours, it will cover 8 hours on the Gantt timeline by default.

You can change the following settings to adjust the work hours:

  1. You can disable using work hours, one day in the Gantt chart will then correspond to the full 24 hours in a day.
  2. You can change the number of work hours to any figure between 1 and 23 hours. By default, the number of work hours is set to 8.
  3. You can change the start hour of the day to accurately let it reflect your working day (or timezone).

Please check the following screen recordings that show you how work hours are used and the impact of each of the settings.

Default values

Default values, 8 work hours per day, where the day starts at 9:00 AM. Notice in the screen recording below that when the effort is updated, also the timeline of the card is updated.

Change work hours settings

The work hours are set on the board level and can be changed by viewing the board plan attributes from the filter & settings panel, the screen recording below shows how you can open these settings.

Change work hours per day

By default, there are 8 plannable work hours per day. You can change this to any number between 1 and 23 in the settings panel. 

Please note that changing the work hours per day does not update the duration automatically, any updated on the gantt will recalculated the duration/effort based on the new value.

Disable work hours

You can disable the work hours from the settings menu, notice that when you disable using work hours, each hour of the day is counted as a work hour. Thus a full day will be 24 estimated hours.

Change work starting hour

By default the day starts at 9:00 (AM) and ends 8 hours later at 5 PM (17:00), you can change this in the setting panel. When changed, this will be the hour that will be used as the start of day hour, and cards will be planned accordingly.

In the screen recording below you see that the position of the tasks in the Gantt chart changes when the starting hour is changed, the card is planned to start at 9:00 AM in the morning, initially start of day. But shown mid-day when the start hour is set to 4:00 AM.

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