With Placker, it is possible to plan and control your work using basically three view modes: board, gantt and track. When you click "Track" from the top menu, this will load the default dashboard, even though you can set another board to be loaded.

Default dashboard

The default dashboard contains useful widgets that can help managers to understand the current status of their work. It also contains a "Create dashboard" on the left columns of the first page, which you can click to build your own dashboard.

It also contains other pages that have different charts to be analyzed. You can change the page on the menu, for example with active workload.

Custom dashboards

It is also possible to create a custom dashboard, in which you can add one by one the widgets that will be useful or start with a template.

A custom dashboard started empty will have free space to add widgets:

Custom dashboards are a very effective way of analyzing information of a board in a visual way. It can be set to be shown in a TV or monitor in the office so all of the team will be able to see the status in real time.

Learn more about Track view mode

We have many articles and videos about techniques and tools for dashboarding and reporting. Check our Track in depth section in the help center to know more about this interesting feature: https://help.placker.com/en/collections/226330-track-in-depth

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