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Rotate track view pages or widgets

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Placker track views can be very flexible and you can always edit the widgets to see different information. They look very good in a TV or monitor in an office, where all the team can see the indicators of the project, especially if you hide the top menu in "Filter & Settings":

But how to see a variety of information if the track view is shown on a TV screen and you can't change the elements using a mouse? Will you be limited to see only what is in the screen at that specific moment?

Fortunately, Placker provides and option of rotating the attribute picker and the pages.

Rotating attribute picker

Attribute picker widgets in Placker are used to show only information of a specific attribute. Only cards assigned to a member, for example. The member can be selected by clicking the dropdown menu, but the rotating option makes the assigned member to chenge every 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

To do this, click "Edit layout and widgets" from the top right corner, and then, edit the attribute picker widget to enable rotate options. Save changes and click the dropdrown menu button in the widget.

This way, there is no need to click to change the member of which the track view is applied to. Only wait the number of seconds defined previously.

Rotate page

When your track view contains many pages, the same process can be set to change the visible page every specific amount of time.

To do this, select the rotating time you want from the menu:

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