Each team uses Placker in a different way and has different needs on reporting. For this reason, we recommend you to create your own custom dashboard. This will provide the information that is most relevant to your team.

One way to create a new dashboard is by clicking "Track" on the top menu, which will take you to the default dashboard, and then click the button "Create dashboard" on the left.

Another option is to click "Filter & Settings" from the menu, and click the "Create a new dashboard" button.

When you start the creation process, the dialog box will give you three options:

  • Copy a template: select a previouly set dashboard to use as a template
  • Copy existing board: creates a copy from another board in your organization
  • Start empty: create a new dashboard from scratch or with default data

In this example we selected "start empty".

Next, set the title of your new dashboard.

Every dashboard is connected to a specific board, even though you can select more boards to load data from later. In this step, select this board and check "Use as default dashboard" if you want to load the dashboard the next time you click "Track" in this board.

The following picture shows how a new dashboard looks like: many blank areas and a sample text widget that you can delete. You can then modify the structure, add pages, add widgets, and many other features that will be covered in other articles about Placker dashboards.

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