When teams grow, it might be needed to limit who can create boards and organizations in Placker to make sure Placker keeps organized. We have added the following features that help you to organize this in Placker:

Only allow subscription leads to create organizations

This feature is available on the enterprise plan.

By default, anyone in your subscription can create new organization. You can limit the persons who can create new organizations to the leads of your subscription by updating the setting from your subscription page. 

When enabled, only subscription leads can create new organizations in Placker.

Only allow organization members to add/import boards

By default, anyone who has access to an organization can add or import boards into the organization. 

You can limit this to organization members only by checking the setting in the organization details.

Make organizations visible to anyone in your subscription

By default, users can only view organizations when they are a member of the organization or when they are a member of a board in the organization. You can make organizations visible to anyone in your subscription, by enabling this setting from your organization details.

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