Custom attributes allows Placker users to customize the information on your cards. However, they need to be added in the board settings and this can become a time-consuming process when you have many attributes.

There are cases in which you would like to use the same attributes between two or more boards, whether it's a new board copying from an existing board or when boards need to have consistent attributes.

In this example, suppose there is a board for product development that has the three additional custom attributes on the board already set in Placker.

You imported a new product development board from Trello that does not have the attributes set, so we would like to create them in an efficient way:

To address this, Placker has developed the "replace custom attributes feature", which allows you to copy/replace custom attributes automatically, without having to create each one individually.

To do this, go to the board settings and access the attribute tab. Click on "Edit/add attributes" in the custom attributes section.

Then, select the source board you would like to get the custom attributes from. Notice that this will replace the current attributes of the active board.

In this example, we have a product development board that contains the following custom attributes: subcontractor, location and sign date. these attributes will be used in the "Second product" board.

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