The goal of the completed tracker is to give you an overview of your progress in a time period. You can show the trackers by card count, effort, story points or budget.

There are a number of cases where this tracker will be helpful:

  • To understand your progress over time, do you have a steady throughput?
  • To understand each members throughput, is it in line with expectations?

The figure below shows the tracker for all attributes, day/week/month and 1/7/21/30 day period and the completed cards by list.

The time periods that that are available are:

  • Day/Week/Month: Today, Yesterday, This week, Last Week, This month, Last month. You can set the start day of the week in the widget settings.
  • 1/7/21/30 days: Cards completed in the last 1/7/21/30 days.
  • All; Showing both the Day/Week/Month and the 1/7/21/30 days values.

You can also show the tracker by attribute (Member, List, Board, Milestone, Label). When you do, one time period an be selected for the reported value. (default is today).

Widget settings

You can click on the image below to view the settings that are available when you add or edit this widget.

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