Different ways to set the Gantt scale

Zoom by day month year quarter, refresh today line and add a sprint scale.

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The scale of the Gantt determines the time period that you use to see your cards, this article describes:

  • How you can change the scale from an hourly scale all the way up to an yearly scale.

  • How you can create your own sprint scale that increments the sprint number every X weeks.

  • How to show the weekly scale and change other settings.

Changing the scale

Changing the scale allows you to zoom in our out on your Gantt chart, you can use the set Zoom drop down menu on the Gantt chart to select your zoom level. 

You can select one of the time scales or use "Fit project dates" for a suggested scale. Another way is to press Ctrl in your keyboard and use the mouse wheel to make scale bigger or smaller.

Limit the scale dates

Especially on bigger Gantts, performance can still be an issue because of the area the Gantt is drawn on. In these cases you can now limit the scale dates to highlight the area you are like to plan on.

Showing week or sprint numbers

Showing week numbers on the scale are available by enabling this from the more settings panel. When enabled it will show the week numbers for each week. This setting will be saved when you save changes on the view.

When you use repetitive sprints, you can show the sprint numbers on the scale, you can enable this scale and set it up in the more settings panel.

The following settings are available:

  • Sprint start date: This date will be used to set the first week of the sprint.

  • Number weeks in sprint: The duration of the sprint in weeks.

  • Sprint start number: This is the start number of the first sprint (sprints get incremental numbers)

  • Sprint label: This is the text that will be used before in the scale.

The sprint scale settings will be saved and can be shared when creating a customized view in Placker.

Show/hide today line

The today line is the red 'flag' / line that marks the current time, by default this line is shown, you can hide the line from the settings panel.

When you use the Gantt on a big screen, you might want the Gantt to auto refresh to today. When enabled, the Gantt will be centered on Today and the today line will be updated.

More information on Gantt charts

If you want to learn other Gantt-related features, check out the Gantt section in our help center or ask us using the chat button.

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