Update: The features of the card mirror for Trello power-up are also available in our 'Projects for Placker' powerup. You can read this article to learn everything about the power-up.


How does it work

Projects by Placker is a Power-up that adds a button to your card. When you click the button, you select a board and a list, and it will create a mirrored copy of the card. Then, updates on the card will be synchronized with its mirror. 

In case you use labels or lists to track progress, the labels or list will get updated accordingly.

It has advanced settings to go wild; instead of updating the card, the update can be recorded in a comment and you can set which attributes should be mirrored. You can even select different attributes for each of the two cards.(For example to capture card comments of a card on a master card).

Steps to install

Please install the Projects by Placker power-up, this power-up is available in Trello

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