We released the Projects by Placker power-up in Trello this month after a few months of extensive testing with our users, thank you for all of your feedback. Apart from the power-up we have used December to do some housekeeping and unwind in the holiday period after an exciting 2017.

This is what was changed this month:

New features:

  • 'Projects by Placker' Trello power-up is launched in Trello, this power-up allows you to view and edit Placker attributes on your Trello cards and open the Placker Gantt or dashboard directly in Trello.

Updated features

  • Card filters are improved to filter on a manual date range, for example all created cards from December 2017. We also made sure you can filter on all card dates.
  • Export is improved to also export archived cards, when you do the archived column will indicate the archived status of the cards.
  • You can now auto-plan cards from the gantt chart ('check plan'), auto plan can be run on cards that are open and will plan all related cards back to back.
  • You can now change the 'Trello owner' of a board in Placker, the trello owner is the member that established the link with the Trello board.

Updated infrastructure:

  • We added cloudflare to offer more protection against ddos and malicious scans and to improve the responsiveness of Placker across the globe. Now static content is always cached near you.
  • We moved the url of the help center from intercom to to https://help.placker.com.
  • We introduces more buffers for heavy duty boards that are imported from Trello.
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