This weeks update includes making Placker available in read-only mode. Extended mirror options in Placker, and some fixes.

More users types

We introduce view-only, passive and blocked users to make it easier for you to share the Placker content with your team, client, manager or whoever is interested. 

Check out the full article on user types here.

More card mirror options

Card mirroring keeps card synchronized across boards. We added more mirror attributes to the stack and you can now change the mirror settings directly from Placker.

Check out the full article on card mirroring here.

And some fixes

And we fixed a number of smaller things on the sided:

  • Fixed the Trello link to checklist items
  • Sync Trello board status, when Trello is closed, so will Placker.
  • Control emails to be sent from Placker when adding members to your board/organization.

Whats next?

Next to come is effort management and rule-based card mirrors. Let me know when you have any ideas!

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