In the last two weeks we have introduced the following updates:


  • You can now open any shared bookmark as long as you can see one of the boards in it.
  • You can now also hide the top menu from the 'more settings' panel.

Gantt chart:

  • You can now also hide dependencies and show the board title in the Gantt chart. (from the more settings menu)
  • You can now also undo a single card attribute from the undo stream panel.


  • You can now also view the throughput as an attribute tracker to view planned and actual throughput (or workload).
  • You can also view attribute trackers by effort and/or story points in addition to card count.
  • You can now also set the dates by range (+/- 90 days) ¬†in addition to setting fixed dates
  • You can set the board flow diagram to show only the active cards

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